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Business Point of Sales

Manage your business with our Online POS solutions.

Yearly Subscription

Business POS Overview

This is an Advanced Laravel POS system that helps you to create orders and manage the inventory of multiple warehouses with products. We have a very attractive and easy-to-use POS screen which is the heart of any pos system. you can create different orders from that pos screen and print the receipt.
We are also supporting the barcode scanning into the pos screen, for that you need to connect the barcode scanner and just the scan barcode of the existing POS system and that will add that product as an order item into the POS screen.
Each product will have its barcode based on the added code of the product.
We have an advanced report system that helps the admin to get an overview of the system in just minutes.

Here are the features that our POS offer Attractive and very user-friendly POS screen by using you create do orders.
You can see lists of available products there and filters by categories and brand. we are showing the available quantities there so its will remind user that they may have to purchase new quantities.
we also have added support for Barcode Scanner, when you scan any product code that is in POS system it will be auto added as order item

For only Rs 2000 Per Year, you will have the most Powerful Point of Sales which will facilitate your business operations

What is included in the Package ?

You will obtain an Online access to our POS, E.g: and you will be able to access it anytime, anywhere on any computer, Mobile phone or Tablet

What is Excluded in the Package ?

Since it is an Online POS, No Expensive POS System is required since our system is an standalone POS which is accessible through any browser, computer, mobile phone and tablet.


Since it is an Online Point of Sales, No expensive Point of Sales devices are required and you can use our POS with any printer to print your receipts or quotation and much more.

Options included in our Online Point of Sales

Product Management - Enable you to add Products, Stocks, Purchases, Sales...

Import Product - Import your bulk products via Excel file easily

Expenses - Display a list of all Expenses which has been issued for your company,

Quotation - Enable you to Add, edit, delete & view Quotation in your business.

Staffs - Enable you to add Staffs who will use your POS with restricted priviledge

Reports - Generate various reports automatically by using our Point of Sales.